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Purchase of goods for wholesale pricing and catalog you may receive individually contacting by phone-29444700 or email [email protected]

Wholesale price are likely to get when you choose at least 10 units of one garment. 

If you want to buy one unit of the item, go to the section-shop.

Delivery fee per one garment Unit 5.50 EUR + VAT if You order 3 or more units, delivery is for free.


Legislation of the Republic of Latvia stipulates that internet store owner shall be the subject of the return of the supply of goods and provisions, as well as the right of withdrawal. The following disclaimer is called the distance contract (MK regulations)

Distance contract

In this online store, the seller of the goods offered on the one hand, hereinafter referred to as seller, and the person who made the order, hereinafter called the purchaser, on the other hand, the conclusion of such agreements: seller agrees to sell and deliver the goods to the buyer, according to the buyer's order.

Delivery and payment arrangements

The buyer of the goods ordering through this website, specifying the type of goods being ordered and the quantity.

The buyer has the option to pay a fee for the item using the Internet quickly in embedded payment tools, or payment of the seller and the buyer prepared by e-mail sent to the corresponding invoice for the order. Invoices are prepared electronically and is valid without signature. Delivery time in agreement with the buyer.

Right of withdrawal

The buyer is entitled to withdraw from the goods within 14 calendar days of receipt of the goods by the seller of the rejection letter. Refusal letters form the seller sends to buyer via email at the request of the purchaser. It is the responsibility of the buyer 7 days after dispatch of the letter of refusal to give up the goods to the seller. All the expenses that arise in connection with the shipment back to the seller, shall be borne by the buyer.

The buyer cannot use his right of withdrawal, if:

·         Ordered goods by their nature cannot be returned or perishable, or are quickly consumed;

·         the ordered goods are made directly to the customer by individual order;

·         The buyer opened the audio or video, or software packages.

Latvian consumer protection law in the sixth paragraph of article 12 provides that "the consumer is responsible for product quality and safety maintenance of the right of withdrawal within the time limit of enforcement". The seller reserves the right to refuse the purchaser to use the right of withdrawal or withhold compensation paid in the event that a product is damaged during use carelessly handling the product without observing the instructions or the instructions, if you have lost the original goods packaging or packaging is significantly damaged.

Data processing

Entering the required information when you order, the Buyer declares that he is aware and agrees that his data are used, the seller would accept the buyer's order and take delivery of goods in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of LATVIA. Entering information, buyer agrees that it to the specified e-mail will be sent out notices related to the handling of the buyer.